Who we are

DUAL POINT CONSULTING (FORMERLY NDWANDWE CONSULTING), is a premium 1OO% black owned management and leadership development consultancy that was formed by Ezra Ndwandwe.

The consultancy's understanding of the South African business, the economic and political environment and how it Relates to the global trends, our education and experience in corporate/business at senior executive levels; gives Dual Point Consulting a competitive edge to draw from global insights to address African issues with African solutions.

Our methods of information gathering and analysis are used to formulate tailored corporate and business strategies that are unsurpassed-our clients find our approach refreshing and certainly different from other consulting companies. We do not believe in the"one size fits all" approach.


Dual Point Consulting has been carefully positioned to provide the highest possible levels of service and value to a portfolio of blue-chip clients. Our service has been strategically differentiated in the market by strict adherence to a business philosophy that is governed by three critical non-negotiables:
  • Our service Is our reputation:

    Dual Point Consulting is committed to fostering and developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with a defined number of clients based on our ability to develop an in-depth understanding of the clients vision, business strategy, financial objectives, corporate culture, product and service offerings, the trading environment, target markets and the competitive landscape.
  • Interventions that work:

    We regard our service as totally integrated, holistic and considerate of where the business is at in its business cycle.

    Our service goes beyond dissecting and report writing. We insist on being a part of the Implementation team to see our work through. We encourage independent thinking; constructive counsel and objective consultancy that encompass strategic planning. We quality assure our recommendations with a team that includes you the client-we make sure that you, the client, are always involved and are an integral part of any business recommended solution.
  • The delivery of value:

    Our consultancy defines value by quantifiable returns at a personal and organizational level that mirror your investment i.e. there is quantifiable Return On Investment (ROI).

    Through applying infinitesimal amount of thought to specific business problems, we believe that we offer real solutions that improve the bottom line of any organization.
  • Business Formation and Business Strategies for private and public clients
  • Management Consulting
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Technological Consulting
  • Marketing and Sales Consulting
  • Human Resource and Capital Development Consulting
  • Brand Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship Consulting
  • Project / Programme Management



    Our understanding of South African business, the economic and political environment and how it relates to global trends coupled with diverse international experience in corporate/business at senior executive levels; gives Dual Point Consulting a competitive edge to draw from global insights to address African issues with African solutions.
  • We firmly believe that a client should always be a part of the consulting process.  By doing so we empower the client so that when our brief is complete, we do not leave the management team in a vacuum trying to come to terms with processes that they really do not understand.  In short, we help build capacity to aid strategy implementation.

    Unlike some of the large consulting companies, we do not try to ‘force fit’ business processes and business models that may work well in other countries, but are totally unsuitable for the South African business environment.  All our recommendations to our clients come from thorough understanding of their business and how best to improve its bottom-line.



How do we start developing a strategy?


Our approach to strategy is based on the work of Kaplan&Norton.

Strategy is an informed planning and execution process through which a company delivers against its vision and shareholder mandate. Whilst the vision of the company comprises of what needs to be achieved, strategy is the how it will be achieved. Strategy is implemented through tactical action plans, operational plans and strategic projects. In assisting companies in the development of their strategies, we make use of the Balanced Score Card or similar proven approaches. We also assist companies to cascade their strategies to functional, departmental and/or team level. We also ensure that the strategy is integrated into the company's performance management process.

Development starts with a clear understanding of where the business wants to go i.e. the vision). Whilst the vision provides direction, the strategy sets out what needs to be achieved.

As part of our strategy work we often engage in activities such as environment scanning, PESTEL or SWOT analyses and scenario planning. A critical aspect of strategy development is to ensure that the Balanced Score Card and strategic initiatives are defined with accountabilities, action plans and timelines.      

A balanced score card in developing a company's strategy.

Strategy implementation

Strategy is only as good as its implementation. We can develop and document the world's best strategy, but if it does not guide the organization towards achieving its vision, it is worthless. We strive to cascade the strategy from a company or enterprise level to functional and operational strategies. Each function or department is then able to understand its role in achieving the vision through our strategy development method. Once the strategy has been cascaded to operational level it can be further       CORPORATE STRATEGY - continued broken down to a team or individual level, forming measurable individual goals and objectives.

Our strategy work can be followed by a review of the organizations structure and processes. We are also able to develop strategy dashboards which enable the organization and/or its functions to measure progress against strategic objectives.

Often we are asked to refine or develop the company performance management system to ensure that the strategy is actioned.

Call one of our consultants to find out more on how we can assist your organisation to:

  • Develop mission and visionstatements
  • Create a strategy that can be easilyimplemented
  • Conduct are source analysis
  • Craft a functional integration plan
  • Develop performance management systems
  • Develop reward and recognition plans aligned to strategy
  • Develop strategy dashboards


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